Brian, one of my faves’ plate!


i don’t know why it’s called Brian ,but i really really love this  reciepe and I want to share it with you.


500g Zucchini;  500g Aubergine; 500g Potatoes; 200g Onions; 300g Green Peppers; 500g Tomatoes; 1 tbs of Parsley; 4tbs extravirgen Oil; Salt and Pepper.


chopped in small cubes all the vegetables, the onion in little slices..then mix them. set aside. pour first the oil, salt and pepper then the vegetables on the baking sheet. pour a glass of boiling water over the veggies. cover the baking sheet with a aluminum foil and put it in the oven for 40 mins (200°). remove the aluminum foil and continue cooking for ten minutes.








“clothes..I put them in the oven.”

(Carrie Bradshaw)

So do I. I mean, i left my clothes all over the house..but I wold like to have a wardrobe as well. but the problem is..WHICH ONE? i found the, in IKEA, at John Lewis, at the market. i’m so confused that I decided to leave this stuff out of my life. ‘Till I don’t find the Perfect Wardrobe. maybe it’s just cos i have a looot of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and, well, shoes but not wheels. hate them, love flat!

yesterday I dreamed  about my 25th birthday. in THAT day i will find my perfect wardrobe.  and Carrie Bradshaw will be proud of me. yeah.

of course i have time.exactly five years and a lot of cupcakes and dance!



the XX concert.

oh it was great! the playied almost all of their songs..people went mental at every note..what a concert this night in Milan! i really really like the XX! i noticed that i can understand  the meaning of their songs better live than with my mp3.. dunno why 😦
i felt all the vibes..if you will have the occasion go! carpe diem and love XX



it’s almost winter. cold. cold. cold. winter. but, I love it. i mean, hot chocolate, wool polos and scarfs, christmas and happiness. i like it also because we will do  a lot of familiy’s reunion and it don’t happens all the time. i’m already looking for good recipes and for presents!


yeah, hope that will snow also this year!

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i don’t want to be a star blogger, or to be known as a blogger. first, i’m a photographer and a cooker. oh well, a student also. political science. 🙂

taw, in the elvish language means “wool”, something that protact you against cold and solitude.