“clothes..I put them in the oven.”

(Carrie Bradshaw)

So do I. I mean, i left my clothes all over the house..but I wold like to have a wardrobe as well. but the problem is..WHICH ONE? i found the, in IKEA, at John Lewis, at the market. i’m so confused that I decided to leave this stuff out of my life. ‘Till I don’t find the Perfect Wardrobe. maybe it’s just cos i have a looot of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and, well, shoes but not wheels. hate them, love flat!

yesterday I dreamed  about my 25th birthday. in THAT day i will find my perfect wardrobe.  and Carrie Bradshaw will be proud of me. yeah.

of course i have time.exactly five years and a lot of cupcakes and dance!